Joanne is a professional musician who has played the flute from the age of 7, and has a formal music education and also plays saxophone and keyboards. Joanne’s favourite instruments are a silver flute and a Rudell Carte wooden flute, on which she can play virtually any style of music ranging from Irish through Country to Rock and Roll! 

Ken is a self taught professional musician who started playing flamenco style guitar at the age of 18 and later graduated to mandolin, mandola and banjo as he became interested in Irish traditional music. He has played as a session musician and with various Irish and Folk bands and has a unique mandolin style. He plays a Sobell mandolin, one of the best acoustic instruments around and a 4 string Ryder EM24 electric mandolin.          

Alan is a professional musician who can play various instruments from guitar to keyboards. He has played with several bands ranging from Folk rock to a top flight Ceili band. He currently features in Beer for Breakfast on Deering Crossfire electric and Clareen banjos and a Sobell bouzouki. He is an accomplished tunesmith and his knowledge of Irish tunes is unsurpassed.


Barrie sings and plays loud-one (Lowden) guitars. He is a professional musician and has played on the folk and country scene for many years and is acknowledged as having one of the greatest and varied repertoires in the business.