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Irish Band

Beer for Breakfast are a professional four piece Irish and Ceili Band, who play a fantastic and lively range of real Traditional and Contemporary Irish music, songs and tunes, as well as Celtic rock and Country rock &  roll. We are all professional musicians who came together about 8 years ago from academic, formal, semi-pro and session music backgrounds, to form one of the most vibrant and lively bands on the Irish music scene today. We also do  Ceili's as a five piece band, including a caller for all types of Ceili, with an Irish, Scottish or English flavour!  

We come equipped and ready to play at all types of music venues from very small gatherings to very large events, e.g. festivals, pubs, clubs, corporate events, weddings, celli's, birthdays, anniversaries, folk festivals, PTA do's or for any other reason you wish. We can also play unplugged for that special occasion. If you are thinking of booking us, please email or ring us and we will be happy to discuss all your requirements and requests. We can supply a demo CD and references, you can hear music samples on this site, or  you can come to see us play live! We normally split the event into two or three sets with a short break in between, but we are happy to plan our music to fit in with your event if you are having a disco, or any other activities you have planned. If in doubt, contact us to discuss your requirements. This is your event and we want to ensure it runs as smoothly and successfully as possible.

We have a top quality and self- contained PA speaker system, covered by Public Liability Insurance and Electrical Equipment Safety Certificates and are available to play 7 days per week throughout the UK, Ireland and the Continent.

Irish band
Irish band
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